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Dec 06

Important - Changes to our payment system

We have updated our payment system to improve our service for you, improvements include:

This will not effect your current subscription period or current plan price, but you will need to update your credit card details when your next payment is due. 

To allow more flexible plan and payment options in future we will be discontinuing monthly plans.  If you are on a yearly plan you will be switched to monthly payments after your current subscription period is up, but don’t worry you will still receive the same yearly discounted price in future.

The good stuff - discounts!

Part of these changes allow us to add the refer-a-friend program:

"Refer a friend or colleague to Digital Pigeon with the link below and you’ll both get 10% off your plan price when they subscribe, refer two and you’ll get 20% off, refer ten and you’ll get 100% off!”

(You can get your referral link from the new dashboard)

Feb 11

Windows Desktop app (beta)

We’re excited to announce that our Windows Desktop app has now entered beta and is available for download for those running Windows Vista, 7 and 8. The Windows desktop app adds the ability to transfer files up to 20GB in size, as well as pausing and resuming transfers, sending whole folders and a whole lot more.

You can download the Windows app from

Please note that the Windows app doesn’t currently support Windows XP.

New download servers in Oceania and Europe

We’re pleased to announce the immediate availability of two more download server locations in Australia and Ireland, adding to our existing servers in the USA. These new servers will give our customers in Oceania and Europe much faster access to their files, as well as a smoother experience when previewing media files.

Customers in Australia and New Zealand are advised to switch to our Oceania region and customers in Europe are advised to switch to our Europe region. 

To make the switch head to and update the ‘Region’ field under ‘Account Settings’ and the click the ‘Update Profile’ button.

Jul 11

New Feature: Receive files from your website


You can now receive files right from your own website with our new upload widget.  This increases trust for your file senders as they no longer need to leave your website and don’t need to know who or what a Digital Pigeon is.  

The upload form can be installed directly into any page or can open as a window on top of an existing page when your visitor clicks a link with just a few lines of HTML code.  

If you’re on the ‘Professional’ or ‘Team’ plan you can find instructions on adding the widget to your site from your ‘Received' page.  For instructions, look for the 'Setup your widget' link towards the bottom right of the page.

Jun 05

Prehistoric Memes B.Z (Before Zuckerberg)

I feel like such an old man. I’m about to begin a sentence with, “In my day.” So forgive me, because I’ve just aged 70 years. But… in my day, we didn’t have hoopty computers to make memes. We had to get out there with a graffiti can. Shake it up a whole heck of a lot, and then spray it over a billboard. And what was the font? My-damn-hand.  Not some Arial, Impact, Hell-vetica.

Yessir. I remember, when I sprayed my first meme, vandalism it was called back then. And we didn’t have the Googles and whatnot to share our handiworks. No, I took Polaroids, that’s what we called a photographic image, and I mailed a copy to each of my friends. All five of them. A Polaroid was expensive you know. A week later, they all laughed.

Jun 01

Activity Tracking: Keep Track of Your Files


You’ve got big files flying here, there and everywhere. You can now get an up-to-the-minute activity statement on your files.

Our new Activity Tracker gives you a comprehensive record of the recipients who have previewed or downloaded your files, together with the exact date and time.

This is great for production managers, business managers and teams who like to stay up on top of things.

May 29

The Pigeon Uprising

What’s with this whole generation of cat loving cataholics inundating our humble interwebs with cat videos, catvertising and general catness. I personally think that the Kitlers, yes, the cats that look like Hitler, are somehow behind this quest for cat domination.

So we’re going to combat the cat. Digital Pigeon is proud to present our favourite commercial creativity featuring birds. Let us know what you think.

May 21

Advertising Wars: Episode IV

‘To make great creative, use the force.”           

 I’m no Jedi Master of Creativity. Nor am I a Sith Lord of Creativity for that matter. But it seems, that to make a great ad the only truthful insight you need is, “Star Wars is awesome.” And in the words of Yoda, one of few cultural references it is, generations it spans.

It’s why more and more companies are picking up light sabers and duelling to the death, or at least until one of them declares that they’re the other’s father.

So today, we’re going to give you our top ads featuring Star Wars references. I’d love to know what you think.

May 17

New Feature News: Audio Previewing

Listen without downloading

Sound production companies around the world are singing our praises. Now you can send big audio files and the recipients can listen without having to download the file.

So recipients can instantly listen to and approve your music, voice over, radio commercial, soundtrack, jingle without having to download, even from an iPhone.

May 16

Behind the scenes at our intro video shoot

Behind the scenes at our intro video shoot