The Seagull
Prehistoric Memes B.Z (Before Zuckerberg)

I feel like such an old man. I’m about to begin a sentence with, “In my day.” So forgive me, because I’ve just aged 70 years. But… in my day, we didn’t have hoopty computers to make memes. We had to get out there with a graffiti can. Shake it up a whole heck of a lot, and then spray it over a billboard. And what was the font? My-damn-hand.  Not some Arial, Impact, Hell-vetica.

Yessir. I remember, when I sprayed my first meme, vandalism it was called back then. And we didn’t have the Googles and whatnot to share our handiworks. No, I took Polaroids, that’s what we called a photographic image, and I mailed a copy to each of my friends. All five of them. A Polaroid was expensive you know. A week later, they all laughed.

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