Important - Changes to our payment system

We have updated our payment system to improve our service for you, improvements include:

  • Support for Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, and JCB credit cards
  • Support for refer-a-friend bonuses and discounts
  • We will soon be adding more flexible plans with monthly pay-as-you-go options

This will not effect your current subscription period or current plan price, but you will need to update your credit card details when your next payment is due. 

To allow more flexible plan and payment options in future we will be discontinuing monthly plans.  If you are on a yearly plan you will be switched to monthly payments after your current subscription period is up, but don’t worry you will still receive the same yearly discounted price in future.

The good stuff - discounts!

Part of these changes allow us to add the refer-a-friend program:

"Refer a friend or colleague to Digital Pigeon with the link below and you’ll both get 10% off your plan price when they subscribe, refer two and you’ll get 20% off, refer ten and you’ll get 100% off!”

(You can get your referral link from the new dashboard)

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