Important - Changes to our payment system

We have updated our payment system to improve our service for you, improvements include:

  • Support for Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, and JCB credit cards
  • Support for refer-a-friend bonuses and discounts
  • We will soon be adding more flexible plans with monthly pay-as-you-go options

This will not effect your current subscription period or current plan price, but you will need to update your credit card details when your next payment is due. 

To allow more flexible plan and payment options in future we will be discontinuing monthly plans.  If you are on a yearly plan you will be switched to monthly payments after your current subscription period is up, but don’t worry you will still receive the same yearly discounted price in future.

The good stuff - discounts!

Part of these changes allow us to add the refer-a-friend program:

"Refer a friend or colleague to Digital Pigeon with the link below and you’ll both get 10% off your plan price when they subscribe, refer two and you’ll get 20% off, refer ten and you’ll get 100% off!”

(You can get your referral link from the new dashboard)

Dan Washusen
Windows Desktop app (beta)

We’re excited to announce that our Windows Desktop app has now entered beta and is available for download for those running Windows Vista, 7 and 8. The Windows desktop app adds the ability to transfer files up to 20GB in size, as well as pausing and resuming transfers, sending whole folders and a whole lot more.

You can download the Windows app from

Please note that the Windows app doesn’t currently support Windows XP.

Dan Washusen
New download servers in Oceania and Europe

We’re pleased to announce the immediate availability of two more download server locations in Australia and Ireland, adding to our existing servers in the USA. These new servers will give our customers in Oceania and Europe much faster access to their files, as well as a smoother experience when previewing media files.

Customers in Australia and New Zealand are advised to switch to our Oceania region and customers in Europe are advised to switch to our Europe region. 

To make the switch head to and update the ‘Region’ field under ‘Account Settings’ and the click the ‘Update Profile’ button.

New Feature: Receive files from your website


You can now receive files right from your own website with our new upload widget.  This increases trust for your file senders as they no longer need to leave your website and don’t need to know who or what a Digital Pigeon is.  

The upload form can be installed directly into any page or can open as a window on top of an existing page when your visitor clicks a link with just a few lines of HTML code.  

If you’re on the ‘Professional’ or ‘Team’ plan you can find instructions on adding the widget to your site from your ‘Received' page.  For instructions, look for the 'Setup your widget' link towards the bottom right of the page.

Dan Washusen
Activity Tracking: Keep Track of Your Files


You’ve got big files flying here, there and everywhere. You can now get an up-to-the-minute activity statement on your files.

Our new Activity Tracker gives you a comprehensive record of the recipients who have previewed or downloaded your files, together with the exact date and time.

This is great for production managers, business managers and teams who like to stay up on top of things.

Digi the Pigeon
New Feature News: Audio Previewing

Listen without downloading

Sound production companies around the world are singing our praises. Now you can send big audio files and the recipients can listen without having to download the file.

So recipients can instantly listen to and approve your music, voice over, radio commercial, soundtrack, jingle without having to download, even from an iPhone.

Dan Washusen
New beta feature: previews
We’re excited to announce we’ve added media previews to Digital Pigeon. It’s a pretty awesome feature that allows you and your recipients to view images, video (and soon audio) files without having to download them.
If you’re working on a project and sending a lot of files back and forth, you don’t necessarily want to have them taking up room on your own hard drive, so this feature gives you the convenience of great online sharing services like Vimeo, Flickr and Soundcloud but all the content is delivered over our secure network with your branding, delivery notification and all the other features you love about Digital Pigeon.
Pretty cool.
We’ll be turning this feature on by default in the coming weeks but if you’re interested in helping us test it out you can enable by checking the ‘Display media previews to recipients’ checkbox under the options section on the send page.
— Dan
Dan Washusen
Mac desktop app v1.3

We’re pleased to announce the availability of version 1.3 of the Mac Desktop app. This release includes the ability to quickly view files you’ve attached to a message, much like Apple’s Finder.

The quick view feature makes it easier to keep track of which files you’ve attached to a message. For example, if you’ve attached a bunch of images (IMG_20012, IMG_20013, etc) and can’t remember which is which, just highlight the file you want to view, hit the space bar and a quick view of the file will appear. You can also double-click a file to open it… 

If you’re already using the Desktop App you should get the update automatically, otherwise you can download it here:

If you have any feedback we’d love to hear it!


Digi the Pigeon
Taking care of business

Digital Pigeon - taking care of business

Did you know that Elvis called his band ‘Taking Care of Business’? He’s pretty much the coolest guy ever…and something else that we think is pretty cool and that we’re super excited about is the addition of our new Digital Pigeon Business Plans.

It’s our new top-of-the-line plan specifically designed for creative organisations that need to have multiple users on the same account.

With full design customization capabilities, it allows multiple employees or users to share the consistency and professionalism of your company’s brand with the personal touch of the individual’s profile.

So if Mary from accounts registers your plan, it means all the files you send aren’t going to come from Mary, whom your clients may not know, nor have a relationship with. Not that we have anything against Mary. She’s lovely.

It also means that the upload and download notifications will go to the specific sender of the files and not a generic email address, so the individual can monitor the progress of their own files and stay on top of their specific projects.

Business plans start from as little as $30 per month. But you can check our the pricing options here:

You’ll be sending files like a boss in no time.

Some additional facts:

  • Easily manage the users of your account
    • Add extra users to your account with their email addresses, we’ll then send them an email with instructions on how to finish setting up their access
    • Quickly remove users from your account
    • Access and use can be controlled by an admin or the owner of the account, based on simple roles
      • Owner = access to everything (manage users, billing, customise appearance, etc)
      • Admin = access to everything except billing
      • User = ability to send and receive files
  • All users can view and access and share all sent and received files within an account or if you don’t want to see everything you can easily filter just your own files
  • Personalized delivery - the recipient knows the files are coming from you, if they respond to the email we send them the response goes to you and not some general email address
  • No need to share a single login and password, if a user leaves the company or if you have freelancers you can easily add and remove their access to your account
  • Share appearance and branding, upload/receive page, address book, etc